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Complete the Advanced Leadership Certification Series in One League Year!


The Junior League of Kansas City, Missouri (JLKCMO), is proud to provide numerous training opportunities to develop the potential of our members. One of the most comprehensive programs we are thrilled to host is the award-winning Advanced Leadership Certification Series (ALCS) with the Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership (MCNL) at the University of Missouri – Kansas City (UMKC).

An ALCS graduate praised the program saying, The ALCS classes were a great way to expand my knowledge about nonprofits and leadership within these organizations. I enjoy continuing education and this was a mini graduate class that helped me learn more about an area I knew very little about. I would highly recommend it to anyone!”

 The series includes 12 three-hour-long advanced leadership modules and usually takes two years to complete, with classes 1-6 one year and 7-12 the following year. After all 12 courses are completed, members receive the ALCS Certification. However, we are so fortunate that during the 2018-2019 League year, all 12 ALCS modules will be offered!

Because of the wide range of topics the ALCS covers, the program helps develop League members in both their personal and professional lives! The module subjects span from Leading Volunteers, Effective Facilitation Techniques, and Leading People Through Major Change, to Understanding and Dealing with Conflict,The Four Frames of Leadership, and Strategic Planning for Community Organizations.

A current ALCS attendee shared the following:“I would highly recommend attending the ALCS program. The six classes I have attended so far have helped me exponentially in my current role at work. I believe that my recent promotion has a lot to do with the skills I sharpened from the ALCS program. A number of items we covered in class, I have been able to put into action at work. During these classes you are learning how to manage conflict with others, sharpen your leadership skills, and learn how to communicate with others on your team. You are able to learn from others in the class as well based on their professional experiences. You can also transfer these skills to your leadership positions within the League and other nonprofit boards you may serve on. This is a program that you should be proud to put on your resume. To have this information taught to use from a UMKC professor is just icing on the cake!”

Want to take just one class? Members don’t have to attend all sessions or attend in order; they are built as stand-alone graduate-level courses, so anyone can take any module along the way!

Interested JLKCMO members can view and sign up for all available courses on the All-League Calendar. These courses are available to any League member (New Members, Actives and Sustainers), and each course accommodates up to 20 participants. Attending an ALCS training will fulfill a member’s training membership obligation, and a $30 registration fee is charged per member per course, with the JLKCMO and MCNL underwriting the rest of the cost.

For questions about the ALCS program, please email

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