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Engaging in Difficult Conversations

As we start off a new year we often have a new list of accomplishments we hope to complete. This forecasting often presents conflicts that need resolution in both our personal and professional lives. In a recent webinar offered by the Association of Junior Leagues International, speaker Katie Hyten, Director of Program Operations at Essential Partners, spoke about engaging in difficult conversations and how to reach resolutions.

Too often difficult conversations are avoided. This leads to stuck stories, stuck conversations and stuck relationships, a cycle that can prove difficult to break out of. Katie encourages us to use tools to help move from conflict to resolution.

Here are some powerful yet simple tools that will lead to more constructive conversations:

  • Don’t avoid conversation and remember to converse in a publicly accessible space.
  • Be prepared to ask questions everyone can answer and set goals for what you hope to accomplish during the conversation.
  • Watch how you ask questions that won’t cause people to respond defensively and try not to make assumptions.
  • Listen to the opposition and allow yourself time to reflect on what was said before responding.
  • Slow down the conversation if you need to.
  • Focus on what your goals are and respond without getting caught up in the moment.

Katie encourages us to be vigilant in trying to resolve our differences now more than ever: “Your community is only as strong as your ability to engage across differences.”

This Online Learning webinar is available on AJLI Member Central.


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